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Avatar7.4/1017.37 users Reviews: Avatar.
Original Title:Avatar
Release: 2009-12-10
Country:United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 162 min.
Genre:Action28Adventure12Fantasy14Science Fiction878



 Production:Ingenious Film PartnersDune EntertainmentLightstorm Entertainment20th Century Fox
 Tag Keyword:culture clashfuturespace warspace colonysocietyspace travelfuturisticromancespacealientribealien planetmarinesoldierbattlelove affairanti warpower relationsmind and soul3d
 Alternative Titles:
  • Avatar Edicion Coleccionista
  • Project 880
  • Avatar – Edição Estendida de Colecionador
  • Avatar – Collector’s Extended Edition
  • Avatar: Extended Version
  • Avatar: An IMAX 3D Experience
  • Avatar 3D
  • James Cameron’s Avatar
  • Avatar: Special Edition
  • Avatar – EC
  • 아바타

Avatar Streaming vf film complet

Avatar streaming vf gratuit : In the 22nd century, a paraplegic Marine is dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission, but becomes torn between following orders and protecting an alien civilization.

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Avatar Casting et equipage

Sam Worthington
Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana
Princess Neytiri
Sigourney Weaver
Dr. Grace Augustine
Stephen Lang
Col. Quaritch
Michelle Rodriguez
Trudy Chacon
Giovanni Ribisi

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